Long time no see...

It's been already two years since my last post - time does fly...
Please forgive me for not updating, but again so much has happened in real live!

Among other things there was the question whether I wanted to start working freelance making replicas of historical objects (not just books). My good friend Jörg Nadler needed a set of garments for his 18th century persona, a fisherman from the town of Schleswig in northern Germany, so I spend some time making clothes.

Fisherman around 1765

I had a lot of fun researching and making things out of my normal time period, but I felt that only making garments was not really my cup of tea, I missed making books.

And then almost out of nowhere a huge order came in and I spend the next 5 months making one historical book after the other :-)

I'll tell you about that in another post, but for now just a quick preview:

Prayer book with an overcover