Hood, jerkin & hose

Back from Quakenbrück I want to show you the 1480 clothes I already mentioned. They are not totaly finished, but wearable: Some details like 3 more buttons at the front of the jerkin and one button on each sleeve are still missing, the laces for the hose are "under construction" and the hood has no lining. So for now just a quick overall look, pictures of the clothes in detail will follow.

Looking at the pictures I'm again amazed by the vivid colours you can get out of natural dyestuff. The orange was really blazing in the sun and the blue is very lively. I think this is just the right combination. A big "Thank you!" to David from Rubia Pflanzenfärberei for this great work!!


  1. Colours.........!
    Thats what fascinates me on medieval clothing, these brilliant colours!
    Maybe I should change from 1380 to 1480? We'll see........

    all the best from Gettorf,


  2. No problem, Roland, you can wear brilliant colours for 1380 as well :-)
    Pink and apricot were really up to date for men's clothes *gg* And you can use checkered or striped fabrics - they were the hight of fashion in the 1380s but really out of use in the 1480s...

    Have you seen the Quakenbrück fotos on Andis homepage yet? http://www.lentienser.de/2010Quakenbrueck/index.htm

    Best wishes & hope to see you again soon, Chris.

  3. Not only they are looking nice, they are also comfortably and practially. I tested them for a weekend at 25 - 30 °C, they were comfortably to wear and they convinced by their practicality.

    Thank you Chris ;-)

  4. You're welcome :-)

    What do you think about a checkered 1400 jerkin next? Should look good on you, too.
    Or a fashionable pink jerkin to go with your checkered hose? Something like the one on the left here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ec/Meister_Bertram_von_Minden_010.jpg