It won't get better if you pick at it...

...or will it?
As you may have noticed, I'm trying to find a layout for the blog that I like - and that looks OK on different pc screens. So I've been changing the design a lot in the last few days.
I was quite confidend with the colours yesterday, if not with the boring layout - but when I returned to the office today it was quite a shock to see them: Instead of the nice creamy yellow my screen at home showed me, here everything had a pinkish hue. Not my favorite colour in the world :-(

I'm still new to blogging and I was trying to use one of the ready made designs for the blog, but some way or the other all of them are not what I was looking for.

To all you experienced bloggers who might read this: Is there any other way?  


  1. I really don't know... I use mozilla firefox at home, which shows the colors of my blog and pictures really well. But in the office, where I use explorer, it looks different somehow...

  2. Hm, same as me... I also have firefox (and a new flatscreen) at home and explorer (and an almost antique flatscreen) in the office.

    Oh well, I think it's time for some extrawork to create a design for the blog that I really like and that also works on both systems. Maybe I'll use the stuff I wanted to use on the website here, too.

  3. Screens and monitors just differ in colours. I'd say pick a blog design and colour scheme that has enough contrast to be read easily and that pleases you when viewed at the computer that you most often use to view or work on your blog. Then just ignore the skewed colour scheme on another monitor (unless, of course, complaints come in by the dozen). After all, it's the content that counts and not the background colour!

  4. Thanks for the comments - I think I found something I can live with :-)

  5. This new color+ image of Van der Weyden looks beautiful on my screen :-)

  6. Thank you :-)
    I used the reading girl for the background of my website (I'm working on it at the moment, so you can't see it now). So using it here, too, just seemed rigth :-)