Frilled headwear...

...can easily become an obsession, so be carefull ;-)
Isis from Medieval Silkwork can tell you a lot more about it - here is just a quick glimps on my new frilled veil.

As the process of weaving a veil with a frilled border is really slow and I don't have much time to weave at the moment, I got a bit impatient. I just had to make something I could wear now, not next year...

It's a simple rectangel of handwoven linnen cloth bordered with a narrow linnen band. The band has two different edges: the straight edge is sewn to the cloth, the other edge is curved and forms the frill. 

There are some pictures of this type of frill painted by Conrad von Soest (e.g. on the altar of the Stadtkirche in Bad Wildungen, painted around 1403).

You can even see the different colour of the frilled border on the lower edge on Marys veil:

On another painting you see a tiny line above the frill - so I think this could be some kind of band sewn to the cloth... 

I got lucky and found a border of handwoven linnen with one straight and one curved edge on a piece of vintage linnen from the 19th century that I could use for my veil :-)

The curves are formed by small loops of the weft protruding from the warp.
Technically not very difficult and quite similar to the woven garter with a dagged edge from 14th century London...

Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of me wearing the veil in this style at the moment, just one taken from the side while I was explaining something to a bunch of visitors... 


  1. Thank you :-)
    It was also quite comfortable to wear, although I had 4 layers of fabric pinned to my braids...

  2. hi chris! your frilled veil looks simply fabulous! i am totally looking forward to seeing more detailed pics of the construction! i love how closely you recreated the style of frill from your source.

  3. Thanks, Isis :-)
    I'll take some more photos, ecspecially details of the frill, at the weekend...

    Now that I have one frilled veil, I'm already thinking about sewing the next. Your beautiful work is really infectous ;-)
    Reading your thesis is really fun, but as I'm not at home in the dutch language at all, it takes time... So I'm looking forward to the article in english Bertus mentioned :o)

  4. You're looking really cut in this clothing.

    Having a look at the pictures of 'Der Meister von Flemalle und Rogier van der Weiden' and compare it to your outfit then it looks so similar

  5. hi again :-) i'm really looking forward to seeing the detail photos!
    the article for MT&C should be out next spring, that is the plan anyway :-) i do have to warn you that it's moslty about social context and not about construction :-) but i hope you will like it anyway.
    when you have any specific language questions about ;y thesism you can alwyas ask :-)