Frilled headware - details

As promised, here are some more detailed photos of the border of my "Kruseler".
You can see the plain weave in tabby with a double thread weft in the left part of the border and the protruding weft loops in the right part.

I simply attached it to the selvedge of a rectangular linnen veil :-)

On the next photo you can see the border going round the corner - from the original paintings of Conrad von Soest I got the impression the women are wearing headscarfs with 4 sides of frill...

The advantage is that I can wear the veil in at least two different ways now: I can either fold it twice and pin it to my braids or fillet as shown here or I can wear it unfolded, draped around head and neck like in the last photo.   

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  1. I really like this kind of unobtrusive frills! I'm thinking of making something similar, but I think I'll need to use another technique :)